... of Science and Engineering

Linear- and Multiple Regression from scratch

Learn how to implement one of the core Machine Learning algorithms and its big brother from scratch.
Philipp Muens

Naive Bayes from scratch

Learn how to implement your own spam filter with the help of Bayes Theorem.
Philipp Muens

K-nearest neighbors from scratch

Learn how k-NN leverages your existing data to help classify new, unseen data.
Philipp Muens

Gradient Descent from scratch

Understand and implement one of the most fundamental optimization techniques used in Machine Learning.
Philipp Muens

The intuition behind Word2Vec

How computers analyze and understand text.
Philipp Muens

The Next Chapter

Artificial Intelligence slowly but surely takes over our daily lives. Let's peek under the covers to learn how it works and ensure that it's used for good.
by Philipp Muens
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