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The following is a list of projects I've been involved with over the last couple of years. It's just an excerpt of what I'd consider noteworthy. Feel free to check out my GitHub account to see more Open Source projects.

Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework is a CLI tooling written in JavaScript which helps you develop, manage and deploy serverless applications to the Cloud.

I worked on the project as a contributor in it’s v0 days where it had ~ 5.000 GitHub starts. Shortly thereafter I joined Serverless, Inc. and helped re-designing the project from scratch, resulting in what is now known as the Serverless Framework v1, amassing more than 33.000 GitHub stars along the way.

Serverless Components

Serverless Components make it easy to build use-case focused serverless applications by re-using and composing self-contained building blocks. Such components can range from a simple AWS Lambda component to a more sophisticated Web-Backend component (which internally orchestrates other components).

I designed and implemented the first version during a hackathon we held at Serverless, Inc. Furtermore I was involved in several redesigns the project went through on its way to a production-grade product.

Serverless Framework Enterprise

Serverless Framework Enterprise is a companion tool suite which helps operating and collaborating on large scale serverless deployments.

I worked on the communication and integration between external applications such as the Serverless Framework and the backend cloud infrastructure. In particular I architected and implemented the state storage layer, ensuring that deployment state is versioned and fast to store and retrieve.


Sled is a modern embedded key-value database written in Rust.

While learning Rust I implemented a simple benchmarking solution to analyze Sleds throughput.


Pipeline is a CI / CD solution written in JavaScript which runs your CI / CD pipeline locally in Docker containers.

I decided to implement this project after being frustrated with the slow feedback loop using existing CI / CD solution.


James is a simplistic note taking application which makes it possible to quickly jot down, save and easily retrieve ideas.

James was built as an internal tool at my startup and acted as the single source of truth for notes which were shared among our team.


Scalable is a modularized system which makes it possible to build software solutions tailored to specific business needs.

After seeing the problems with existing business software suites I decided to implement a system which makes it possible to compose existing, self-contained modules into larger applications.


Collablearn is a collaborative learning environment which helps students study together to prepare for their exams and finals.

Collablearn was built to scratch my own itch while I studied Computer Science where some classes required us to memorize lots of facts in a short period of time. From day one it supported an offline and mobile optimized learning experience, making it possible to take some quizzes while waiting in line or riding the bus.

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