I love to immerse myself into Math and Science, always trying to get out of the "comfort zone" to explore and understand recent discoveries. While studying such topics I follow the Feynman Technique and consolidate my learnings in blog posts and code I share on this website and my GitHub account.

My main area of interest is Machine Learning algorithms with a focus on privacy preserving methods such as Homomorphic Encryption, Secure multi-party computation, Federated Learning and Differential Privacy.

Before deep diving into Machine Learning and Cryptography I worked at Serverless, Inc. as an Open Source Engineer where I co-created the Serverless Framework, an Open Source tool which makes it easy to develop, manage and deploy serverless applications to different cloud providers.

Previously, I worked at my own startup where we built a video recruiting software called “hireTV” which bridged the communication gap between corporations and Generation Y during the hiring process.

Before that I studied Computer Science and worked at IBM on projects ranging from SAP consultancy, Linux kernel driver development for S/390 architectures to web portal integrations for a German car manufacturer.